How I became a Christian

I never really doubted that God existed but I had no idea who he was or how I could approach him. Jesus was just another great moral teacher of the past like Muhammad or Buddha. When I got to college I set out to figure out just who God was. Was Hinduism correct, or Islam, or Judaism, or Christianity, or none of these? I began by looking into the various religions and essentially narrowed it down to Hinduism and Christianity as being the only religions that “rang true” in my heart. This was when I began reading the works of Gandhi extensively and became a vegetarian.  Gandhi was my “god” for several months. I still felt that God was reaching out to me and I began to realize that Gandhi himself was searching his whole life for a spiritual leader or mentor.  So I began to more seriously explore Christianity.  The problem I faced was that I had a tally sheet in my head of all the Christian behavior which I thought inappropriate or hypocritical.  The Christianity I was holding up and rejecting was not based on Christ and his teachings, but on Christians and their behavior.

I began praying for God to reveal himself to me and to help me reconcile this discrepancy between Christian behavior and Christ’s teachings.  I decided I would look to the source of Christ’s teachings, the bible, and see what Christ himself had to say rather than just taking other Christian’s word for it. At the same time I began to pray that God would help me to know him. I will never forget one day when I was lying on my bunk in the dorm at Western Washington University reading my bible and praying for God to make himself known to me.  While I was praying a poster fell from the door and came to rest below my face. The poster had on it all the names for Jesus used in the bible. The amazing thing about the poster is that door from which it fell was at least 15 feet across the room from me. I tried to make the poster fall the same way again several times and it fell only 2 or 3 feet from the door, no matter how I dropped it. At this point I realized that God could not make it any clearer to me than that – he wanted me to know his son Jesus.

This turning point began my friendship with Jesus. Ever since that time, the friendship between me and Christ has grown. There have been hard times and good times but Jesus has always been there waiting for me, even when I have moved away from him. I realized that becoming a Christian does not make you perfect but rather is an admission that you are not perfect.  The bible was my guide to discover the person of Jesus and has proven to be reliable in all other respects so I have no reason to doubt it regarding the kingdom of heaven. I have also found the person of Jesus Christ to be reliable and he said “I am the Way the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the father except through me” (John 14:6).

The bible was crucial in my coming to know Christ. These are some of my favorite passages that helped me most in my discovery of Christ:

Matthew 9: 12, 13: 11-23 ; Mark 5:19, 12:29-31; Luke 13:24-30, 15: 11-31, 20:9-16; John 12:44-50, 1 :29-34, 17:25-26

7 Responses to How I became a Christian

  1. Lisa Simmons says:

    This is excellent…I do believe that you are writing a book day by day. I have read several of your posts and am going to try to print them out. Very insightful, great ideas to ponder, thought provoking (even when I might not totally agree :)). Good to see your perspective being of the scientific mind. What a journey!. I feel very privileged to follow you in this endeavor to learn and be challenged along the way (More than one Seminary instructor I had commented on how great it would be to follow the theme of water all the way through the Bible…and you are doing it!!). PS – happy birthday, thought of that too last Thursday…but very belated in the Birthday wish…hope you had a great one!


  2. Dave says:

    I apologize for this one comment but I feel I must add that I feel underwhelmed by the conversion story here. Again I apologize. I don’t mean to be rude. A poster fell on your face? That did it? I am loosing my religion; a process that started in 2006 when I returned to GVSU and I am looking for anything to keep me in the faith, but alas, I am seeking and I am not finding.


    • wamplerp says:

      Dave, The poster was the end of a process of God getting my attention and the beginning of a process of learning what it is like to follow God. I do not pretend to have all the answers but if you want to talk over coffee I would be glad to listen.


    • wamplerp says:

      Dave, one other thought…perhaps losing your religion is not a bad thing — if it is replaced by relationship.


  3. Bright says:

    there is a calling in all of us,if you figure it out you have found your God


  4. Andy Alber says:

    It is beautiful to me how God gets our attention in both the big and little things. I am deeply encouraged by your story and looking forward to learning more. 🙂


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