Rabbit Trail #3 – Circling Back


Well I have reached another milestone for “Walking on Water”. This is my 80th post so I decided a rabbit trail was in order. I have decided to start at the beginning and read through all of my posts to find recurring categories and themes. My hope in this circling back is that I will be able to create a map of sorts to where God has led me so far in my walk with water in the bible. It has been an amazing adventure. So here goes.

God has revealed a lot of connections between water and Christian Community. The Leadership lessons from Moses and Aaron have provided insights about Christian Leadership and Following God. The Covenant between God and the Israelites provides many helpful parallels to our Discernment and Discipleship as Christians. We have been given great examples of Faith and Forgiveness in the passages about God’s Love for Us. There are many passages which helped me to understand and reflect on our Life Together as Christians and ways that we can have Love for the Lost.

The early books are full of challenging and interesting Miracles which can test our faith and Obedience. The issue of Sin has been around since the fall of Adam and Eve and there is a complex and sometimes confusing interaction between the The Earthly Realm and The Spiritual Realm. Through it all God has been with me on my journey and He has taught me amazing things about The Nature of God. It continues to be quite a ride!

Prayer: God thank you for walking with me for the last several months. I am yours and your are mine.


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