Eddying Out after the Journey

Well I have finished with my journey and compilations of all the water-related bible verses I could find (694 by my count). The comprehensive list of all the verses and posts can be found on the Posts by Books of the Bible Page. It has been an amazing journey and I am sad to reach the end, but I am confident that God has a plan for where to go next. My current plan is to portage back up the river and read through all the posts I have made looking for common themes and connections. I may create posts about this retrospective.

My hope and prayer is that God will make clear His plan for these reflections. If anyone of those reading these posts have ideas for me I am open to suggestions. I am planning to spend a few weeks praying and seeking God’s guidance.

I am confident He will show up, just as He has for the last 7 years as I have slogged through hard passages and wondered at God’s grace and goodness.

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