Watershed Wanderings

In an effort to identify common themes and reflect on the larger picture of water in the bible I am exploring all the water-related bible verses in each book of the bible.  My hope is that this will allow me to put combine individual passages and posts into a larger framework that is more readable and relatable.  I will be compiling these “reach retrospectives” as I have time.  Some books have plenty of references on their own while others will probably be combined.

I am calling this series of posts “watershed wanderings” because I hope that they will serve a similar purpose to an actual watershed which collects water from a drainage basin and directs it into ever larger streams and rivers until it eventually makes it way to a sea or inland lake.  Watersheds come in all different sizes and have very different characteristics which impact the way water collects and runs off of the watershed.  I hope that as I reflect on water verses in different larger reaches of the bible that interesting insights of understanding will emerge.

May plan is to start at the Beginning of the bible and work my way through the collected posts for each book as they are compiled in my Posts by Book of the Bible page.