Rabbit Trail #12 – Anno Domini

DCIM100SPORTRabbit Trail #12 – Anno Domini

Well it is hard to believe but this post marks the one year anniversary of beginning this blog. Rabbit trail time! I started this blog because I felt God calling me to do so. I have not posted every day but I feel like I have faithfully followed God’s lead and God has met me each day with love and understanding.

What has God been teaching me over the last year “on the water”? 1) God Loves me and wants to carry me like a son or daughter; 2) It is not necessary that I understand every part of the bible; 3) regular bible reading, reflection, and prayer can become part of my spiritual DNA; 4) God believes in me.

Many times over the last year God has carried me with His love and Grace. He has carried me through trips to Haiti, Africa, Canada, and throughout the United States over the last year. I did not really set out to be a world traveller, but it seems that is where God has led me. God knows where the next year will lead. I am content to do my best to faithfully follow.

Numerous times during my journey I have come to perplexing passages and people. Sometimes God has provided new insights that have left me feeling like I was drenched by a large wave, and other times understanding has descended like a morning dew. Other times a veil of confusion remains, but paradoxically these passages have strengthened rather than eroded my faith. Perhaps it is like the paradox of pursuing while by being pursued by God. In the game of hide and seek it is always more fun to have good hiding places.

I have not been able to be “on the water” every day, but I have remained near the One River. My spiritual roots have sunk more deeply into the “spacious place” where God can be found. I guess in some ways God has been creating space in me in which He can dwell. Daily reflection has improved my ability to quell the noise of this world so that I can hear God when He whispers. The reliance on God for understanding and insights has altered my spiritual DNA.

One of the most amazing and compelling things God has taught me is that He believes in me. I always thought that believing in God was the most important part of our relationship with Him. I am increasingly convinced that accepting that God believes in us is almost as important. Knowing this deep in our souls allows us to overcome our earthly limitations and find our way to the “undiscovered country“. We are all flawed followers, but we can be confident that God loves us anyway.

I am very excited to see what the next year will bring and where God will lead. I made it as far as the psalms this year, perhaps I will arrive at the New Testament by next June.

Prayer: God thank You for blessing me and carrying me over the last year as I have attempted to “walk on water”.


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