Why I started this blog

mixingstreamsSince I became a follower of Christ there have been two streams or channels to my life, 1) My walk with God and spiritual journey; and 2) my voyage of discovery as a curious scientist.  These two streams sometimes merge and flow in the same direction, but often they have been separate and distinct.  This blog is an attempt to “breach the levee” and allow God to help me merge my love of Him with my love of water and science.   There are those who believe that religion and science are like oil and water and cannot mix….I humbly disagree.

So on June 22, 2014 I embarked on this journey exploring water in the bible and the ways that God uses water and water imagery to communicate deep truths.  My hope and prayer is that this trip will lead me (and anyone who cares to come along with me) through the bible in a new way.  I am embarking on this voyage of discovery for three reasons: 1) to improve my daily devotional life; 2) to study and reflect on the way God uses water and images surrounding water to communicate with his people; and 3) share my reflections with others, not that I have any unique insights, but I have studied water from a secular perspective for half my life, it is time I looked at it from God’s perspective.  This effort is truly the confluence of two seemingly divergent streams in my life, a faith in the living God embodied in the person of Jesus Christ, and a curiosity and passion for science and discovery.

I invite all those who are spiritually curious God seekers to come along, share perspectives and comments, and learn with me how to “walk on water”….it is likely to be an interesting trip.  Verses are from the NIV at http://www.biblestudytools.com/.

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