Rabbit Trail#2 – An Omer of Blog Post

An Omer of Blog Post

IMG_2273This day marks the two month anniversary of the day I began this journey with God, the bible, and water.  So it is time for another Rabbit trail…This day also marks the day my daughter is getting married.  Which is eminently more important than this blog…so I am writing this blog early…so I can focus on other things on August 22nd.

God has faithfully provided me with daily Manna to write this blog.  Just enough for one day, an Omer of blog post.  I thought when I started this blog that trying to post something daily would be really hard — don’t get me wrong there are days that are harder than others to be creative and faithful in my posts, but God has been faithful to me.  Even when the water provided seemed a bit bitter, I have had the water I needed.

I wanted to take a moment and reflect on what I am learning through the experience of writing this blog.  I am learning to trust God, just like the Israelites were learning to trust him as he provided manna for them in the desert.  I have felt at times like I wanted to return to Egypt and the comfortable “slavery” that awaits me there.  I have also been amazed by the response of my friends, family, and blog followers to my journey.  They have been very encouraging through their “likes” of some of my posts and this has helped me when the climbing got difficult.

I am also delighted by the diversity of the people following my blog and reading my posts.  I figure that if my blog followers look like Jesus’ followers I might be doing something right.  My hope and constant prayer is that I am listening to God with sufficient care and reflection to get His message right as revealed through water in the bible.  I also hope and pray that God will use what he has inspired me to create to reach those who are spiritually curious God seekers, especially those who may need to hear about God and the bible from a little different perspective.

Prayer: God thank you for providing for me daily and walking with me as I try to “Walk on Water”.


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