Eddying Out after Deuteronomy

DCIM100SPORTThis post marks the end of Deuteronomy.  Since September 14th I have been dwelling in Deuteronomy on my walk with water in the Bible.  It has been an interesting journey with gushing springs and dry desert patches.  It started out with God saying he would carry us like a son or daughter and ended with Moses crossing over to be with God without ever crossing into the promised land.

One thing that surprised me about the book of Deuteronomy were the hidden gems that showed up at the most unexpected places.  For example, in the song of Moses where God revealed that we are like tender plants on which he showers rain and deposits dew.  These passages revealed a tender side of God which I did not realize was present in the “fire and brimstone” books of the old testament.  These passages reminded me of the tender side that was evident when Jesus came.  I am still really looking forward to when I reach the “Promised Land” of the new testament on my journey.  Hopefully I can faithfully follow God until then so that He allows me to “cross over” into the new testament.

I find myself somewhat humbled, and surprised, by the degree to which the God of Deuteronomy is the same God we hear about in the New Testament.  There are places which are difficult to reconcile, but most of the differences  seem to be when God is filtering His communications and interactions with the “stiff necked” Israelites.  Perhaps this is because they are not ready for a God who loves them unconditionally, and requires unconditional following.

I think Jesus asked His disciples to follow Him unconditionally by asking the disciples to leave their nets, families, and everything that they knew to follow him.  God did this in the Old Testament and he still does it today.  What items is he asking us to leave behind?  The items may not be nets, but they may be family, material possessions, even church traditions, or anything else that keeps us from faithfully following God.

Tomorrow I begin the book of Joshua.  I admit I do not know a lot about this book, but I am excited to leave the legalistic list of laws and requirements in Leviticus and Deuteronomy.  God knows what rapids and waterfalls await!

Prayer: Thank you God for providing me with hidden gems along my walk though the bible, as well as times to “eddy out”.

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