Rabbit Trail #5 – A Prodigal People

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYesterday marked my 130th post to the Walking on Water Blog.  I thought this would be a good time for a Rabbit Trail.  To be honest I feel like I need a break from the book of Judges.  I did not remember the level of carnage and cruelty that is described in this book.  I have spent a lot of time reflecting on this part of the bible and the place the Israelites find themselves in at the moment.  They are in the much anticipated Promised Land for goodness sake, shouldn’t things be better than when they were wandering in the desert eating Manna?  I have come to the conclusion that the Israelites are squandering their inheritance.

As I have been thinking about it I realized that it reminds me of story of the prodigal son found in the Gospel of Luke 15:11-32.  I love this story of redemption and love that reveals the way God loves us….both sons.

The Israelites are behaving just like the son who took his inheritance and spent it on “wild living”.  Their wild living consists of getting distracted by local religions, failing to listen to and faithfully follow God, placing pride over praise, and what seems at times like gratuitous killing and violence.

God seems to be playing the role of the faithful father waiting at home for the moment.  He is always there waiting for the Israelites to return.  The “son” (the Israelites) is still far away from Him and distracted by “wild living”.  The blessings He continues to rain down on them are passing by the Israelites almost unnoticed.

So the pertinent question for me is which son am I, and how am I using my inheritance?  There are times when I feel confident I am home with the Father and I am in His arms.  There are other times when I am pretty sure I am in squandering mode.  This blog has helped me to reflect daily on God and the ways that He is to be integrated into my DNA as a Christian.  So far this daily walk has felt like a blessing rather than an obligation.  I pray that it will continue to be so.

Prayer: Thank You God for meeting me daily and the inheritance I have through your son Jesus Christ.

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