Eddying Out – Choosing a Line

Patrick_salmon 175It has been a busy week of food, family, and friends.  In honor of this being my 160th post, and the fact that my Monday is looking kind of busy I decided this would be a good time to “eddy out”.

I am taking my daughter back to college today.  On the way she has an interview for an internship this summer that she is really excited about.  I also have an interview of sorts in the afternoon with a committee that reviews proposals for new study abroad programs for our university.  I have put forward a study abroad proposal for taking students to Haiti in 2016 that we will be discussing.  I am praying that both interviews will go well.

Times like this remind me of rafting a river.  When one is rafting you are always moving down the river, unless your have eddied out for a break.  As you move down river you are looking ahead trying to decide on the best “line” to take with your raft.  In serious white water (class 4+) this might mean trying to stay alive and in your boat, and in more gentle white water (class <3) it might mean finding the “line” that will be the most fun.  All these decisions must be made while in motion and there is no going back upstream to choose another line once you are committed.  Sometimes our life decisions feel like this, we have to pick a line and go with it.

Sometimes we pick a good line and all is well, and other times we pick a line that ends up flipping the boat.  I am hoping the line that I end up on after tomorrow is the one God needs me to follow.

Prayer: God help us to pick the “line” you need us to follow as we journey through the river that is our life.

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