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P1000142Well this is my 225th post and I felt like I needed to eddy out today and take a breather.  The passages from Ezra and Nehemiah have not been particularly challenging, like a series of class II rapids with no breaks.  There have been a few hidden wells, but I have not felt like the water passages were particularly enlightening or inspiring.  My favorite passage from Ezra and Nehemiah so far has been this one.

I was praying the other morning about this blog and something crystallized in my understanding.  My walk with God to explore water references in the bible is a deeply personal journey.  I wonder sometimes why God has directed me to share this journey in this most public of ways…on the internet for all to see.

As I was praying about this God reminded me that our relationship with  Him through Jesus is also a deeply personal journey, and one that we are to share with others in a very public way…ah there’s the rub…there is a tension between my desire to hide and protect my relationship with God and God’s desire that I share the Good News (God News) with others.

Prayer: God thank You for helping me to balance my desire to know You intimately with my desire to share You with others.

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