Eddying Out – Spring Thaw

Sunset in Grand Haven, Michigan

Sunset in Grand Haven, Michigan

This is my 260th post.  So in honor of this occasion and the arrival of spring in Michigan (the thermometer got above 60 for the first time today) I decided this would be a good time to “eddy out”.

I went for a walk to the mouth of the Grand River with my dog Pippin and we joined many other with Michiganders with cabin fever marveling at the amount of ice still out in Lake Michigan and the beautiful sunset.

Watching the sunset and feeling the coming warmth of spring left me feeling very thankful for the warm weather and just thankful in general for God’s presence in moments like these.  Sometimes He feels almost tangible when I am witnessing a beautiful sunset…like God is smiling… and it makes me smile.

Last week was difficult in many ways and I am praying that this week will provide less rapids and more times to rest and recover.  Through all the turbulence of the last couple of weeks God has remained faithful.  He walks with me as I try to walk on water through my study of water and the bible.  I am learning new things every day.

Prayer: Thank You God for meeting every day and providing a welcome breath of spring and an amazing sunset today.

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