Eddying Out – New Life

IMGP6477I have been slogging through the book of Job for a couple of weeks now and I needed a break so I am taking a day to eddy out and enjoy the sabbath day and the arrival of spring in Michigan.

The sun is shining and the very first snowdrops and crocusses are poking their heads out from beneath the blanket of dead leaves.  These first flowers of spring seems to burn with a special brightness.  It is almost as if they have to be especially dramatic to overcome the drab browns and tans from which they emerge.

I will return to my walk with water tomorrow and take on more of Job.  God will be showing up soon (in a tangible way).  I am excited for His arrival and this portion of the journey.L

Prayer: God thank You for the spring flowers that are overtaking the dead leaves of winter. 

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