Eddying Out – After the Storm


Well yesterday’s post marked the last verse related to water in the book of Job. Job does have a good ending in that Job’s relationships and life are restored by God….but wow what a finally …Behemoths and Leviathans oh my.

This post also marks my 275th post to this blog and so I thought it would be a good time to eddy out and relfect for a minute on the tumultuous float through the book of Job. There was plenty of “funny water” and turbulence to make the float interesting. But there were several hidden wells along the way too.

Tomorrow I begin the book of Psalms, which I must admit I am excited to explore. There are many well known water passages that we will float by in the Pslams…as the deer pants for streams of water. It will be interesting to see how God weaves water into the different format and style of the Psalms.

I have noticed that many of the modern worship songs we sing at our church contain water imagery. I suspect there will be many interesting and amazing deep pools in the Psalms that we can linger in and explore.

Prayer: God as I begin reading the Psalms I pray that you will bring light into the dark places, peace amid turbulent passages, and wisdom to my wanderings.

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