Eddying Out – Digging and Dredging

I am in the midst of preparing for an extended trip to Ghana and I decided today was a good day to “eddy out”.

I had an interesting conversation via chat the other night with a friend from Haiti.  He is a fellow christian and he had many very good questions about God and things related to the bible and christian belief.

I think at one point he was concerned that the questions he was asking were somehow wrong or inappropriate.  At that point I shared with him that I think God is not afraid for us to dig deep into questions about Him what it means to follow Him and neither was I.

One of the questions he asked was about christian marriage and ceremony.  He wondered who can perform the marriage ceremony?  I had to admit that I did not know of a verse that specified who can perform a marriage.  That does not mean that such a verse does not exist, but I certainly do not remember reading such a verse.  There are plenty of verses that talk about proper behavior for married people and the rational behind joining in matrimony, but none that I know about that specify the procedure.

This made me think about where Christian marriage traditions come from, or Jewish marriage traditions for that matter.  If someone knows of verses that talk to who can perform a marriage ceremony please help me out.  In the mean time I will continue to dig and dredge my way through the bible again tomorrow.  One never knows what nuggets await.

Prayer: God You provide many insights and truths as we dig into the bible.  Help us to understand and discuss our questions about them openly. 

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