A Snow-Cooled Drink

Like a snow-cooled drink at harvest time is a trustworthy messenger to the one who sends him; he refreshes the spirit of his master.   Like clouds and wind without rain is one who boasts of gifts never given. – Proverbs 25: 13-14

This passage holds special meaning for me at the moment. Here in Ghana a truly cold drink is hard to find. I had a bottle of water the other day that was really cold and it tasted like the world’s best bottle of champagne.

The comparison between a “snow-cooled” drink ( the first slurpy or snow cone?) and a trustworthy messenger is interesting on several levels. In a way all followers of the Way of Jesus are messengers for the gospel. So when we successfully lead while following maybe we refresh the spirit of the Master, God?  Is that even possible?

Perhaps the metaphor breaks down when it comes to God the master…I do not know. I do know that on my journey through the bible up to this point the God who has met me is a very intimate and personal God who sees us, loves us, and believes in us. I would not be surprised if His spirit were refreshed when we love and follow Him as faithful children.  The same way my spirit was refreshed when my children held my hand and followed me when they were little.

The flip side, or opposite, of being a “trustworthy messenger” is being “one who boasts of gifts never given”. This person is like clouds and wind without rain. This metaphor is a little more confusing, but I think it is really talking about a tree that bears no fruit.   Something or someone that is not really fulfilling its purpose for being. This would be like a Christ follower who finds it necessary to dwell on their own spiritual gifts rather than the people these gifts are intended to help or the Giver of those gifts.

Peter, Jesus’ disciple, had his moments of losing focus on the giver of gifts. He is not alone in this. I think we all experience a tension between our ego and the new life that is within us in Christ.

Prayer: God help us to be trustworthy carriers of the Good News with our eyes fixed on You rather the gifts You have given us.

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1 Response to A Snow-Cooled Drink

  1. Amen. when we begin to trust the gift more than the giver we are walking on slimy grounds.


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