Eddying Out – Compilation to the Confluence

Water-Related Posts in the Old Testament Compiled by Peter Wampler 12/29/20

Well I finished compiling all of the water-related posts in the old testament today….and the total by my reckoning is 544.  I am sure I have missed some but this is probably a pretty close estimate.  It has been a while since I reached the confluence of the old and new testaments on July 31, 2018.

I am rapidly approaching the end of the Gospel of John.  I was hoping to make it by the end of the year, but alas the number of reaches is too much to cover in the time before the new year.  When I do reach the end of the Gospels I anticipate this will represent another branch in the river.  The Gospels have provided amazing insights and deep water about the Messiah and His purpose in coming to earth.

The next reach of the river will focus on how His disciples carried on after He left and how all the spiritual squalls He put them through prepared them for His spirit to provide guidance and grace in His absence.

I am sure that this part of the river will contain its own challenges and difficult passages, but I am looking forward to the journey.

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