Eddying Out – Purchased People

It is crunch time for professors and students alike at my university.  I had to choose this evening whether I would devote time to my continued walk with water and the bible or attend a panel discussion on human trafficking.  I chose the panel so I will continue my walk with water tomorrow.

Here is a a brief recap of the human trafficking panel discussion.  I learned a lot about a subject I knew little about.  I had no idea, but according to some estimates there are more people in slavery and human trafficking now than at any time in human history!  There are many ways we can help by being careful and informed about the products we purchase and how they are produced.

Our university is honoring the founder of an organization in Ghana called Challenging Heights.  This organization rescues children from slavery and child trafficking.  The founder, James Kofi Annan, was a child slave himself.  After escaping that life he decided to devote his life to helping other children get out of this situation.  James is being granted an honorary doctorate for his humanitarian work in Ghana by Grand Valley State University.

I will be working with James this summer when I lead a study abroad group to Ghana to work on service learning projects and water quality for seven weeks.  I am excited to learn more about the work Challenging Heights is doing, the man behind this amazing organization, and the Ghanaian people and culture.

Prayer: God help me to use my purchasing power wisely so that I am not contributing to the problem of human trafficking and child labor.

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