Eddying Out – Waterfalls

IMGP1411Well this has been quite a week of rapids and turbulence.  It culminated this evening with a “waterfall”…a fundraising dinner for a club that I advise at Grand Valley State University called Students for Haiti.  The night turned out amazing thanks to all the help from the students, friends, and my lovely wife.

I will admit that there were times today, as we were trying to get the Haitian cooks situated in the kitchen to cook the meal, that it felt like I was headed over Niagara in a barrel…but God showed up for me and all came off well in the end.  We ate great food, heard some amazing stories about the earthquake in 2010, listened to beautiful singing and music, and shared about the scholarship fund for which we were raising funds (www.gvsu.edu/haiti).  All in all a great night.

Alas all this has left we with no energy for my walk with water today.  I will continue “down the river” tomorrow after I have had some time to “dry off” and catch my breath.

Prayer: God thank you for showing up for the dinner this evening and managing the “waterfall”.

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