Eddying out after Ezekiel

Erosion of sand dune along Lake Michigan, December, 2017.

Merry Christmas!  Well I finally made it through Ezekiel! Phew that was hard! I have been “stuck” in a recirculating eddy in Ezekiel since July 22, 2016! I started my float through Ezekiel with a reflection about the Kebar River. I lost focus and determination and was off the water for months at a time. I have been back on the water for the last couple of weeks and it feels good to get my daily dose of humility as I chew on sometimes confusing passages about wheels and rushing waters, self-sufficient fish, and shipwrecks.

My reentry onto the river has reminded me why I started this blog.  It is not so much about feeling an obligation to meet with God every day. It is about receiving daily sustenance and wisdom to feed my hungry soul. God has given me the freedom to choose to miss this daily source of “soul food”, but my soul suffers from malnutrition when I do.

I recently led a group of students on an observational adventure along the shores of lake Michigan for a class I am teaching. We were treated to some amazing December weather and we walked along a deserted beach and marveled at erosion of dunes that have stood for thousands of years.  The erosion  that is occurring is the result of high lake levels, and it is revealing ancient soils and other features long hidden by vegetation and more recent sand deposits.

As I have reflected on my departure from Ezekiel it occurs to me that my float through the old testament is like walking along these ancient dunes exposed in places for me to see.  As I float past passages long buried (at least from me) in the old testament I find hidden gems and wisdom that I was unaware of before. I think part of the reason for these revelations is that my beliefs and understanding of God have become buried in recent deposits of “sand”. God’s blessings have become encrusted and hidden by a lazy lack of curiosity and pursuit of God.

If God is truly eternal, then the God of Moses, Micah, and Meribah is the same God that I am attempting to faithfully follow – flawed follower that I am. Only by walking along side these ancient “dunes” of wisdom and experience can I fully understand the depth and complexity of God’s love for us in the past and in the present. The stories and prophecies of Ezekiel are like buried soil horizons of understanding that help me understand what is happening today.

I look forward to new adventures in the book of Daniel as I continue my float through the Bible which I will begin after taking a brief time to “eddy out” with my family for Christmas. I hope your holidays are full of peace from the Prince of Peace.

Prayer: As we celebrate the birth of God incarnate, Jesus, may your world and your walk with God be filled with peace and understanding.  May God’s amazing love fill you this coming year.

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