Eddying Out before Revelations

Well it is hard to believe it but I have come to the final book in the bible, Revelations.  Before I take on this final set of rapids on my journey through the bible I thought it would be good to Eddy out and prepare myself for the turbulence ahead.  I have scouted ahead in revelations and not only are there numerous water-related passages, but many are tricky and confusing.  It reminds me little bit if the passages and prophecies in Ezekiel.

By my count there are about 30 references to water in revelations, one of the most “water-filled” books so far.  Perhaps this is because it is full of imagery and prophecy.  Both of these modes of communication tend to have more water-related passages.  I have read Revelations before and I remember being perpetually confused so hopefully God will help me plumb the depths.

If I am even somewhat consistent I should reach the end of my journey before the end of 2021.  This has taken me longer than I anticipated when I began this journey back in June of 2014.  725 posts, and just over seven years later, I find myself at this final rapids. A lot has happened in those 7 years.  I have travelled to places far and near, gained a son-in-law, reached full professor status, and perhaps most importantly I have learned a ton about God, myself, and the bible.  The bible is truly a braided stream, and not all parts of the bible are like a water park.

As I return to parts of the river I have floated before it is often a different river – not because the bible changed, but because I have changed. God has, and continues to, sculpt my soul.  I am continually amazed by the interconnections in the bible, just like a great river system with many tributaries and branches. A watershed of wisdom that all leads to the One River that is both the Headwaters and Mouth, the Alpha and the Omega, the beginning and the end.

I confess I am a little apprehensive about the last leg of this journey. Perhaps because part of me does not want to reach the end of the river. I have not decided yet what I will do once the water references in Revelations, and this particular walk across the water, is complete. Maybe I will portage back upstream and see how the same passages look now that I have seen the entire river. I am content to take my lead from God and let him determine my next adventure.

Prayer: God give me wisdom, patience, and grace to choose a line through the watery rapids I will encounter in Revelations.

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